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Roblox Breaking Point GUI is the only and the best tool for Breaking Point out there, from its tons of features to its beautiful yet still usable design, this is seriously all what a hardcore player like you would need. It includes functions such as Always Hit, Silent Aim, Auto Farm and so much more that you couldn’t imagine.

If you are one of those players who sits around the entire match in BP, thinking what they could have done to get better in the game and being able to become one of those cool players who is always winning and getting the prizes at the end. Well search no more, because this mind blowing Roblox Script has come to your aid for exactly that reason.

Roblox Breaking Point GUI

Roblox Breaking Point GUI Features

Ah yes, now we have gotten to the most interesting part of this Roblox Breaking Point GUI, what is it features that will make you the best player that you’ve always imagined yourself to be. Well thing no more, because here is a list of all of most overpowered stuff that you will find in the GUI of the Roblox Cheat.

  • Always Hit – this game is all about hitting and being the one to stay alive at the end. And as you might have already guesses, this is the most powerful among this list of features in the Roblox Breaking Point GUI and it will let you literally hit every single shot that comes out of your weapon to guarantee your win
  • Silent Aim – Silent Aim, like the name suggest is a way to make your aim silence. But how does that you may ask, isn’t aim something that other players can see and not hear? You would be completely right as this feature makes it invisible for the others to see where you are aiming so that you can keep it a secret while being able to hit all of your shots thanks to the script
  • Nigh Vision / Full Bright – I won’t really go into detail with this one as it is pretty self explanatory. This lets you see the entire room with its whole brightness and not with darkness as it is actually a pretty big part of the game itself

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