Demon Slayer Legacy GUI | Auto Farm, Infinite Stamina & MORE!

This following script is a script you cant use in the Demon Slayer Legacy game in Roblox. The game is based on the popular maga series demon slayer. You get to pick a character at the beginning and upgrade it as you progress throughout the game. Your goal is to fight with the enemies from other worlds to save yours.

In order to do that properly, you will need a script. The Demon Slayer Legacy GUI will provide you with the abilities needed in this tough game for your victory!

You may use this new GUI-based script for Demon Slayer Legacy to automatically farm mobs, dummies, and more!

Additionally, it has other very powerful miscellaneous features like endless stamina, infinite breathing, and more! Overall, this Demon Slayer Legacy script is excellent. It is still in development, so there may be glitches.

Normally you have a limit when it comes to breathing in the game, but with Demon Slayer Legacy GUI this limit will be removed, which will make you progress faster. Two other important tools of this GUI are teleports to villages and the ability to rejoin the server even if you were kicked. On the one hand you will be saving tons of time whilst traveling to the villages, on the other hand you will rejoin the game if you were AFK for a long time and you got kicked.

The most important feature of the Demon Slayer Legacy GUI is obviously the God Mode. It is exactly as it sounds, meaning that it will give you all the upgrades you need for you to win.

Demon Slayer Legacy GUI

Features of the Demon Slayer Legacy GUI


  • Redeem All Codes
  • Mob Autofarm
  • Inf Breathing
  • Quick Regen Mode
  • Auto Sprint
  • Get Katana
  • Auto Stats
  • Pig Quest Farm
  • Server Hop (Rejoin)
  • Auto Collect Logs
  • Village Teleports
  • Npc Teleports
  • Auto Safezone
  • Better Lighting
  • God Mode

How to Use the Demon Slayer Legacy GUI


  • You should get the script from this page first.
  • Without an exploit the script has no use, so do not forget to download an exploit.
  • Copy the script and open the exploit.
  • Start the Roblox game.
  • Paste it into the exploit and let it inject into the game.
  • Script should work without any problems, have fun!
  • Do not forget to check out other scripts from this page!



Winrar Password: 123

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