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Mega Noob Simulator Script is no where else to be found cheating lua script that will make you the king of Mega Noob Simulator game on Roblox. And if you are wondering about what this script can acomplish and do for you, you are at the right place because this is a full rundown of this Mega Noob Simulator Script that will change your gameplay experience completely.

And here is a little sneak peek of what you will soon be able to do with this GUI and this one only. From Auto Collect Coins to being able to Fly, from changing your own walking speed to purchasing stuff automatically like rebirths and such, this is capable of everything which are actually features that you would find in most Roblox Scripts

Mega Noob Simulator Script 2022


About Mega Noob Simulator

But if you have stumbled upon this page because the script has aroused your interest and now you would like to know more about the game so that you can also use this Mega Noob Simulator Script in the game and have tons of fun being one of the richest players in the whole game.

So what this game is all about is that if you know auto clicker games, it is actually kind of similar. You just collect bacon hairs, coins kill mobs, entities, NPCs and upgrade yourself to be one of the best mega noobs in the game. But if you are trying to achieve that playing hours is your only way to do it, except if you are willing to use this Mega Noob Simulator Script

About Mega Noob Simulator Script’s Features

  • Auto Kill – like the name suggests a feature that will automatically kills other entitites such as mobs or NPCs for you
  • Select NPC for Auto Kill – for the feature above. This one will let you choose a specific entity for the Auto Kill featue to kill
  • Kill Aura – pretty similar to the ones above, this one will also do it automatically but not one by one, instead every entity around like, like an aura
  • Toggle GUI – this just toggles the GUI, shows and makes it disappear
  • Collect Coins – collects all the coins for you so that you can sit back relax and enjoy being AFK while your character keeps leveling up
  • Upgrade – buys upgrades for you by spending your in-game money
  • Rebirths – same thing like the upgrades but with rebirths
  • Walk Speed – alters your walking speed so that you can get to other places way faster than your normal walking speed
  • Jump Power – changes how far you can jump. This is incredible useful in cases where you would want to reach to places where you normally would not be able to
  • Fly – lets you fly around without any consequences, possible the best feature of the whole script
  • Fly Speed – adjusts how fast you want fly with a slider in the GUI

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